GaryCon Day 3

I didn’t have as much organized activity today.

When I arrived, I went to the vendor room, and got Jeff Butler to sign the cover he did for the GayCon program, and also his picture under special guests. I was reading something the night before and realized that Darlene was there and that I had actually sat next to her in the restaurant the night before at supper. I got her signature, even though she wasn’t in the special guest section. I had a few others sign my program that I wanted.

I attended the panel for Growing Up Gygax, which was moved from 7 PM to 10 AM. It was a great time where author Michael Witwer, author of Empire of Imagination, asked several questions before opening up to audience questions. That was very interesting to get the scoop on what it was like to grow up in the Gygax household before and after D&D. After all the questions, I thanked the family for doing GaryCon and got each of their signatures. I also had Michael Witwer sign it, and I bought his book, which he also signed.

Following that presentation, there was another presentation by Michael Witwer, Genesis: Unexpected Journey of Gary Gygax. The word that this event was moved did not happen, or else I was the only one signed up. There was audio visual trouble, so we just sat down next to each other and he ran the Power Point on his laptop.

I’ll have a separate article later about Michael’s presentation and our side chat. Very cool!

After our time was up in that room, I resumed my quest to get all the pictured special guests to sign my GaryCon VIII program. I finally caught Jeff Perren waiting for the sand to dry to set up for Cavaliers & Roundheads. I got his signature, and ended up doing a quick little interview. I have a video interview that I’ll be posting later. I need more bandwidth, which will come when I get home sometime Sunday.

I’m not sure when I’ll get all my videos and pictures posted. I need more bandwidth and time.

I also met Mark CMG Glover getting ready to play with Jeff. It was cool to meet face to face.

I then got Mike Mornard’s signature.

I went to the deepest area of the con where WotC and Paizo were located. I spoke to a person at the desk and got the impression that I would be able to come down and get the WotC people signatures at some point. A couple hours later, when I returned, there was a new person at the desk and when I asked when they might next take a break, she said, rather coolly, “When they’re done.” I interpreted that as I should know better than to ask. I wasn’t trying to interrupt the game, just trying to get all the special guest signatures. Oh, well…..

Just before the charity auction, there was buzz about a big announcement, that by now, is already out there. Jim Ward received the first ever E. Gary Gygax lifetime achievement award! It was so cool that I was there to see him get it. It is very appropriate to come the 40th anniversary year of the first science fiction game, Metamorphosis Alpha. Also the first game called a “role playing game” on the box.

I then just wandered, and came upon Ernie Gygax sitting and catching a breather after his game. He was telling stories about playing, working as a shoeshine boy at the Playboy Club, etc.

I went to the dealer room to see what was up. On the way out I noticed that I advanced to the 2nd round of the C&C tournament that finished playing over an hour ago. Ooops…. That was the only place I saw that. I forgot to look for it. I also told them that I had things scheduled at that time when they recruited me for round 1.

I then passed Lester Smith in the hall, and got his signature.

I then ran into Satine Phoenix who invited me to meet with her crew in the lounge after they dropped stuff off in their rooms. After I got to the lounge, I ran into Mark Hunt. He and I talked about Gang Busters, and many other things. Mark agreed to do an interview after we get home. I also got wind of a couple of things coming down the pike from Mark. I don’t think all of it is a secret, but what isn’t secret isn’t ready for promotion yet, but when it’s ready, I’ll share it.

I also watched a friendly cooperative deal happen between a game designer and someone else. That was the coolest thing to see it happen like that. It was just as easy as it looks in the movies. Here’s my card, send me the script, I’ll show it to X & Y, and I bet they’ll do it for free because their gamers. It’s not my baby, so I won’t give specifics, but when it’s out there, I’ll talk about it here.

Satine and her crew showed up and we talked and had a good time.

I met +Jeremy Whalen, the guy doing a lot of Mark Hunt’s editing/layout, and at this late hour, I am drawing a blank on his name. We found an empty table to talk and were invited to play C&C by a woman and her husband we were visiting with after Satine & crew went to get supper. The woman was the GM and we had just gotten started when her husband ran out of steam. The rest of us talked until we dwindled away, and I returned to my hotel and did this article.

Sadly, tomorrow is the last day.

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