GaryCon Day 2

Today was a slower day, as far as events scheduled. I didn’t have anything scheduled until 1:00 PM. I planned to sleep in, but since I live in the Eastern Time Zone, I was wide awake at 6:30 AM Central time.

I went ahead and got ready and went to the Con.

I saw a few friends in passing in the hall, and visited with Jeff Easley to show him a picture my brother did, that I mentioned to him yesterday.

I then stopped by +John Reyst’s Open Gaming Store booth, where I met +Mark Hunt.  I recalled seeing a post about Gangbusters, but had not clicked that it was back. Mark is now the owner of the Gangbusters IP! I first learned of Mark with his prolific postings of items for White Star. Many know him for his DCC setting Drongo. With Gangbusters, he has little booklets filled with location ideas, like a diner, and NPCs that could also be used as pregens for con games.

Mark shared some of the reasons he is so prolific, in addition to being retired, but that’s a long story for another day.

While John, Mark, and I were visiting, Frank Mentzer comes up and signs copies of Razor Coast by Frog God Games, one a Swords & Wizardry variant and the other Pathfinder. I gave in and got the Swords & Wizardry one. However, I wasn’t able to get a massive discount for the defaced book that had been written in….

I then had to get something to eat before my 1:00 PM session: D&D Documentary Teaser and Q&A. Pat Kilbane is working on a D&D documentary. It is a third documentary unrelated to the other two documentaries now tied up in litigation. There is enough about this documentary, that I’m going to write up a separate article. In short, I will do what I can to promote it. My new friend, +Satine Phoenix, was one of the interviewees in the clips we were show, and she happened to join in, as she was in Frank Mentzer’s game following this 1 hour session.

Next was the big fun I was waiting for, playing D&D with a play test of a new adventure by Tim Kask. Only three players showed up and we needed more, so instead we played War of Kings.  You can order the game here. Tim said that he supported the Kickstarter because of how nice everything looked, but it is a good game and he really likes it. It is a strategy and resource management game. It has some different mechanics that are simple once it clicks how they work.

I then nearly missed a presentation on dice by Lou Zocchi. I put into my Google Calendar the wrong room name, and got discouraged, when I thought to check my registration information and learned of my mistake, and got there 20 minutes late.

There was supposed to be an artist’s gathering in the bar, but there was no sign, and there are two bars, so I didn’t find it.

The one suggestion I would make for the next GaryCon, is to have the room names and a map of the facility in the program booklet. Another suggestion would be to have a printout of events by slot. there were several printouts in each game area that listed events by event name. However, it would be helpful to find games in a given time slot.

Finally, I met up with some friends and we talked. Mention of a game was made, but we just talked. I ran out of steam, so left for my hotel.

I decided to hurry up and post this, and will make new articles with all of my GaryCon pictures and topics that need their own article.

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